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If you’ve found me through Twitter, you can follow my sometimes unintelligible ramblings about food in 140 characters or less. My handle is @katyshecooks.

I’m a stay-at-home-mom who cooks a lot. Sometimes it makes me really grumpy, but most often I like it. I became interested in cooking from scratch during my years working as a designer at an advertising agency — I would spend the morning banging my head against the keyboard of a Macintosh Quadra while my co-workers in adjacent cubicles asked me repeatedly to stop singing along to The Bends (piping out of my DiscMan). At lunchtime, I quickly drove home to eat a turkey bagel and watch the daily episode of Great Chefs on PBS. It was the most inspired hour of my day.

I then went to graduate school in design, where I spent a summer making rent money by waiting tables at a great little restaurant in Knoxville, Tennessee. I watched the chefs, a lot. I asked them about ingredients. I took judicious mental notes.

Then I got married, wherein I finally had an excuse to cook lots of food. I had a tall man to feed.

Then I had babies, and stopped designing, since my keyboard could only take so much head-banging. I had a kid with allergies, started researching more about food, and at some point thought I might as well write about it, since it was pretty much all I thought about.

And here I am. Typing, thinking about how odd it is that someone would read this story.

Can I offer you a new keyboard?

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Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to drop me a line if you have questions — I can be found electronically at katyshecooks [at] gmail {dot} com. You can also ensure that you never miss a moment of my self-indulgent food-prose-waxing by subscribing to my RSS feed.

Of course, if your keyboard (or forehead) hasn’t had quite enough abuse, you can find more of the same here.


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Heather Tallman (@basilmomma) June 21, 2012 at 10:11 pm

Glad to meet you!