Tip Tuesday, no. 4

14 August 2012
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Green smoothies are all the rage, right? All over pinterest, in the to-go mugs of lululemon moms everywhere. They’ve been one of my favorite breakfasts since I went grain-free and my standby granola went by the wayside. Most smoothie recipes call for grabbing a bunch of fresh leafy greens and grinding them to liquid with […]

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Do not taunt Happy Pressure Canner

9 August 2012
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It’s been baby steps, really. It all started with an innocent batch of freezer jam. Jars, purchased for their cuteness, held runny strawberry jam, my first-ever batch, frozen until ready to consume. Then came water-bath canning. I sneaked sideways into that venture — using an old stockpot as a canner, jars of crock-pot apple butter […]

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No way.

6 August 2012
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You may have noticed that there’s a lot of mention here, in these parts, about whey. No, it’s not the protein powder. It’s the stuff of Little Miss Muffet. You remember her — she sat on her tuffet (questionable action), eating her curds and whey. Now, I’ll stop here, and admit that the first time […]

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Kids’ power smoothie

1 August 2012
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Sometimes, it feels as though 90% of my energy on any given day is spent figuring out how to get as many nourishing foods into my kids’ bodies as possible, given their standard-fare pickiness, a limited budget, and their battle-weary mom. Another 5% is spent doing the laundry. I don’t know if you’re keeping up […]

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Chickens in da house

30 July 2012
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Chickens are funny. Funny ha ha. Don’t they look regal, with their combs and honey-colored eyes? But in reality they are just silly little birds, quietly chatty, with odd household habits and a seeming willingness to dig a hole clear to China if it means getting a fresh bug or worm. We’ve enjoyed getting to […]

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