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A self-taught cook, Carter is a hilariously refreshing and down-to-earth voice amid a sea of fancy-pants food blogs. She didn’t grow up with a culinary whiz of a mom or with an abundance of international foodie trips under her belt. So whether she’s taking nutrition author Sally Fallon to task or simply making beets delicious, Carter’s someone we could learn a thing or two from — then high-five over a chilled glass of vino.”
— from’s description of KatySheCooks, via their 100 Best Food Blogs of 2012.

Elsewhere on The Internets, you can find my writing at NUVO, the Indianapolis Alternative News Weekly. I write about local food and other artisanal goods.

Throng of Accolades*

I once won a Diane Jacob simile-writing contest. My submission was this post, about how lemon vinaigrette is a ribbed cotton tank.

And then, another time, I won a writing contest hosted by ThePeche, for one of their infamous conference Pity Parties. The judge was food writer Kathleen Flinn, and she picked this post about my first 25 years of life as “worst food moment.” You’ll have to take my word on this one, as they’ve deleted the original contest post.

This essay about picking blueberries at my Grandmother’s house was chosen for the Community Voices portion of the Indianapolis Spirit & Place Festival, and I had the distinct horror of hearing myself read it on our local NPR station, WFYI, during All Things Considered one cold, rainy Friday night.

Have I mentioned that I’m listed by Babble as a Top 100 Food Mom Blogs? For 2011 and 2012? Oh, right — I did above, and in those giant buttons in my sidebar.

One Sunday morning, I woke and found I was the Sunday Brunch featured blogger on the Where Women Cook magazine Amouse-Bouche website.

Indianapolis Woman magazine did a blurb on me, too — I was in the humbling company of three fiercely-talented Indianapolis food bloggers.

Most recently, our $700 kitchen reno was featured on The Kitchn website! Squee!!!


 * note: until spring of 2011, this blog was called Thought for Food