Tip Tuesday, no. 2

May 22, 2012

cut avocado

This is an unusual Tip Tuesday, since the premise of doing the series was that I’d post when a Monday had come and gone and life (and therefore blog) had gotten away from me. But I posted yesterday. No, this atypical Tip post stems from a nightmare I had last night, about stringy avocados.

I wish I was joking — I dreamt that I was being forced to eat them. I woke up gagging.

There aren’t many things in this culinary world more disappointing than a stringy avocado. It’s the waste. The realization of missed golden opportunity. The knowledge of what could have been.

For years I wrestled in anguish over knowing when to cut an avocado. Since I hated the strings, which tend to happen when over-ripe, I very often cut too soon, leaving me with an inedible rock. The fruit was black, soft to the touch, HOW WAS I TO KNOW IT WASN’T READY.

Then a couple months ago, I read that when an avocado is ripe, the tiny stem end will flick off easily. And since then I’ve not once cut into an under-ripe avocado.

I’ve still cut into stringy ones — mainly because I just let them go too long, as is demonstrated by the two shriveled specimens on my current counter, likely the inspirations for my subconscious early-morning terror.

So today’s tip: you know an avocado is ready when the stem nub flicks easily off with a finger. Cut at will, and fear the string no more.


In other news, I’m guest-posting over at the Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking blog today! Take a jaunt over to Kate’s place, and read all about my Culture Club mini-food swap group here in Indy, where we swapped homemade cultured foods on a weekly basis. Our group is on a break now, but for over a year it was one of the best things that happened to my kitchen.

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