Where has the week gone?

October 8, 2009 · 1 comment

Good grief. I seriously have a lot to do before The Feast. It’s in t-minus 43 hours and counting.

I promised a menu, so a menu I will deliver. I could say that it was a team effort, but that would be a lie. I pretty much took the wheel and sped forward (leaving no doubt in the minds of our new — and hopefully still — friends what a complete control freak I can actually be); I didn’t hear any comments from back-seat drivers, but I also had the music turned up really loud. You might — if you live in Athens — notice some similarities between a few courses here and some recent offerings at certain restaurants there. I steal unabashedly; I still sleep at night because I’m not making any money from it, and how else am I going to get my fix?

I am not yet privy to the wine pairings (although we will be providing a bottle of Inedit, the new beer created specifically to accompany food — those wacky molecular gastronomists!); except, of course, the unrivaled and highly-anticipated dessert wine: the ’03 Yquem.

Thankfully, while the menu was my own joy ride of autonomy, the cooking is not. I’m making the sorbet and a host of side-dishes, and will be teaming up to finish off the pork belly. But overall, it is a group effort, and we all look forward to a little chaos in our host’s ample kitchen.

The actual dessert is still TBD; but will apparently be inspired from this month’s copy of Bon Appetit.

butternut squash soup with mapled creme fraiche and balsamic drizzle

spinach salad with pears, buttered pecans, maytag blue cheese and shallot-thyme vinaigrette

apple-ginger sorbet

seared scallops with wilted spinach, arugula, & orange salad

tangerine-glazed pork belly with winter couscous and balsamic-roasted brussel sprouts

grilled eye of ribeye with whipped potatoes, chimichurri, and simple jus

I think I get hungry every time I look at that menu. This might be a crazy night.

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Dad October 10, 2009 at 8:03 am

Dang Katy, when you came to my house you got hamburger helper and canned peas! I very seldom fixed mac and cheese!

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