October 5, 2009 · 3 comments

Come on in, let me take your coat. Take a look around, just not too closely, because I didn’t get a chance to dust.

This site’s existence is a reason for celebration, because I now get to check one persistent, gnawing item off the perpetual to-do list. The site is up. And functional. There are many kinks to still work out (you will, most definitely, end up clicking a link that sends you right back here, not at all where you thought you’d go), many pages to continue to write (don’t look now, but the favorites section currently doesn’t get past small appliances). But overall I’m ecstatic, because I can just write my posts at one site, one that is easy to use and doesn’t constantly attract Russian spam. I can upload pictures easily, and backup safely (where are my manners? If you come to my real house, I don’t immediately tell you how great our plumbing works, now do I?)

Hopefully you will enjoy it here. I’ve got a new recipe page, and will eventually have a page for cooking resources. You will also notice (perhaps not so subtly) that I’m now a member of the BlogHer network — something I’m really excited about, that’s been months in the works.

Eventually, the old site will auto-forward to this one. In case you forget the address (never could register Thought for Food as the domain name). And if any of you are getting TFF through a feed reader, click the link on the top right corner to update.

Sadly, one of the casualties of the move was losing all comments posted to the old site. I could’ve spent a month or two copying and pasting them all; but that effort would negate all of the time-saving features that make this home so much more usable for me. Just know that your comments live on (they were all sent to an internet farm, where they could roam free and live life without restraint). I, of course, always encourage and enjoy comments, and hope you will continue to leave them at your leisure.

Posts coming this Party Week: apricot butter, plus the menu and details for The Feast.

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Rebecca Martin October 5, 2009 at 4:07 pm

Katy, this is just wonderful. Beautiful site. Very exciting. I particularly love how past posts are listed in a boxed format toward the bottom of the page – so easy to read over them for quick remembering. Can’t wait to see more page elements develop. You are amazing.

CK October 5, 2009 at 4:52 pm

Congratulations! It’s beautiful! And BlogHer, oooooooeee, look who’s movin’ on up. As always, looking forward to more of your brilliant, inspired musings on good food.

Stephanie October 6, 2009 at 2:43 pm

Whoohoo, Katy! It’s nice to see the sweat and tears of moving to a new site paid off. It looks beautiful!

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