Possibly the only reason I’d want to live
in Atlanta

October 30, 2009

Nothing against the city, or its people. It’s just the traffic. Enough to make you want to drive your car over the side of a bridge, just to end the misery of sitting in a sea of automobiles moving at the pace of a stoned turtle.

Anyway — this bit of news I found this morning — this is not unlike a silo of salt being dumped on the gaping wound I suffered when we left Athens and moved to Indianapolis. We still haven’t found a great place to eat. To be fair, our time and budget don’t allow for lots of looking; but still, we kind of think we’d have landed on something by now. Some place, with promise.

Oh, well. Score one point for Atlanta:
Hugh Acheson’s New Restaurant Endeavor

I should point out that it doesn’t help matters that he named it “Empire State South.”  I have long nursed a minor obsession with the Empire State Building, working on studies of its history, proportions, and unmatched beauty while completing my MFA. I have to wonder about the comparison inherent in the restaurant’s name; will it be the food that is NewYork-esque, or is it a brazen reference to Atlanta being the NYC of the southeast? If the latter, that’s a stretch, but then again, I’m not Atlanta’s biggest fan.

Sigh. Don’t leave me hanging here in the Midwest, Indianapolis. Come on, you can do it.

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