Long beans

August 24, 2009


Picked these up Saturday, at the Broad Ripple Farmer’s Market. Was about to buy green beans, but upon closer inspection realized they were large pole beans, and looked like they needed to be shucked. Since I’m not currently of a mindframe to sit around and shuck beans, I started to back away. The Chinese vendor noticed my hesitation, and immediately presented me with this bunch of long beans. I’ve never seen them or eaten them (that I was aware of), but the bunch was $2.50, a price I thought fair for experimentation.

The man said to eat them quickly, and to chop and sautée them like any green bean. We did as told, and I have to say I wasn’t all that impressed. They weren’t as sweet as regular ol’ green beans, though the texture was similar. We might not have given them a fair try though, since we just added them to other vegetables for a stir fry. Tonight I’ll give them a true test: sautéed solo with olive oil, garlic and herbs. If they don’t pass this test, then back to green beans I’ll go. But I’m still not shuckin’.

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