Guilt-assuaging smoothie

August 4, 2009


Alrighty, then. Didn’t quite imagine that it would take almost two weeks to get back into this habit of mine — the one where I blab about what I’ve eaten and think people actually care? — but between temporary habitats where no wireless was to be had and the fact that (Murphy’s Law in effect here) my domain name expired during the height of our cross-country move, it’s been hard to share. But man, do I have things to share, already.

While I ponder the these things, I’ll give you this pic I snapped just before we loaded up the truck. A little over a week ago, it was our last afternoon in our Athens home before movers came the next morning. We needed to eat, and I also needed to clean out the refrigerator. Never one to throw things away without a good internal fight, I whipped up a blender-full of smoothie with the leftover contents of our freezer. No, I didn’t go so far as throw in the beef bones that never made it to stock (insert sharp but quickly-passing pain in my chest); I just used up what was left of various bags of frozen berries. Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries; some hand-picked, some storebought. A little yogurt, a little honey, and maybe a half-eaten banana. What you see is me offering some of the goods to my hard-working spouse, sporting the yellow t-shirt in the background.

It’s gonna be a hard leap, going from a clean-out-the-freezer-smoothie to the subject my next post. But I’ll do my best. More to come, from the Great State of Indiana.

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