If you live in Athens

April 12, 2009

Pick up the phone, and make a reservation at The National.

No, wait. Call first, and see if they will have pork shoulder on the menu for the night you can go.

Get a sitter, if need be.

And GO. Go ye, and eat ye the shoulder of pork. And shout to the world how you love to be alive.

Our friend Greg was in town this weekend, and generously offered to take us to dinner. We picked The National, since Greg moved away from Athens before he had a chance to eat there. Since the last time Tim and I ate there we were wowed by our appetizers but a bit disappointed with our entrées, we opted to get four items from the starter menu, and one entrée. They had a pork shoulder listed on the seconds menu — and while it seemed a little different from the pork shoulder we had a few months ago, it still had the word “crispy” in the description, and that word paired with the word “pork” is hard for me to resist.

So, get the pork. And when you’re done, get the chocolate tart sprinkled with sea salt and drizzled with olive oil. What you do after this makes no difference, because it won’t compare to your dinner.

Parting words, those are. I’m going to Utah tomorrow, to join Tim at a conference which happens to be at a ski resort. From what we’ve read online, the food at this particular ski resort is particularly bad. Not sure why — maybe ski food is much the same as beach food? Anyway — I doubt I’ll update you on all the bad food we might eat, so it could be a few days before I post. We’re supposed to hit a recommended sushi place in Salt Lake before we head home, and I’ve not pondered sushi in this forum before, so here’s hoping it’s worth a post.

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