Avocado Licuado con Leche

April 22, 2009

This was the result of a perfect storm of happenings/realizations:

  1. Avocados are in season. Which means that, when faced with a huge bin of organic avocados at Earth Fare selling for $1 each, I am forced to buy at least four. Maybe a half-dozen.
  2. My children don’t eat avocados. Leaving me and Tim to consume 6 ripe avocados. That’s a lot of guac.
  3. It’s warming up. Time to dust off the ice cream maker, and bring out David Lebowitz’s book again.
  4. After watching an episode of last season’s Top Chef, and hearing all the judges bark horrified, eye-rolling comments about a certain contestant’s avocado sorbet, saying it tasted like “cold guacamole,” I couldn’t help but wonder if they were right.

Who wouldn’t want to try avocado ice cream? Ok — well, you really should try it. It is surprising and subtle — not at all like cold guacamole. It’s admittedly an odd thing, sweet avocado. But while the avocado flavor doesn’t disappear completely, it primarily lends a freshness to the ice cream, and an incomparable texture.

As a bonus, it’s an absolute breeze to make: avocados, sour cream, heavy cream, sugar, lime juice. Whirl it all in a blender or food processor, and put it right away in your ice cream maker. It took less than 10 minutes of prep, and 20 minutes in the maker.

The above-pictured variation was suggested in the ice cream book: basically, an avocado milkshake, a common south-of-the-border treat. A couple scoops of the ice cream, with milk, a little extra sugar, a little extra lime juice, and ice. The optional addition is a shot of espresso (which I forewent, being without an espresso maker). It was a true afternoon pick-me-up, in a serving small enough so that I didn’t feel sick the rest of the day.

We’re off to another American city tomorrow: this time, Indianapolis. Not sure how much time we’ll have for adventure in restaurant-hopping, but we’ll try our darnedest, and have a full report next week.

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