Samta Clause

November 30, 2007

I was at our local warehouse club today, with our usual list: diapers, coffee, and the 3# bag of sliced almonds that they rarely stock (unfortunately today was not a sliced almond day). While on the nut aisle, I strolled past the dried fruit section. And to what did my wondering eyes appear but a bag of dried montmorency cherries. I can’t even get these things at my local whole foods store right now (they only stock sweet dried cherries). The ingredient list showed nothing amiss, so a purchase was made. They’re not as good as the ones from Trader Joe’s, but are just as good as the ones I purchased last week at Whole Foods in Kentucky. The price was so right ($5.80 for 14oz), I could almost fulfill this wish. Causing me to liken Sam Walton to my own personal, jolly, bearded, elf-enslaving bearer-of-gifts.

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