Blast from the past

November 7, 2007

Many thanks to Melissa, for asking me to grab a box of Rice Krispies while I was at Target yesterday. Upon being questioned about the reason for her request (because, yes, I had to know) she replied casually that she was making Rice Krispy Treats with her kids. At the precise moment she completed that sentence, I knew I’d be buying a box for myself, along with a bag of marshmallows.

Aren’t they yummy, with all their corn syrup solids and high fructose corn syrup? I remember in college, before I was aware of all of today’s current edible modes of death, I would eat entire batches of these things (not, mind you in one sitting, but still). Because they were FAT FREE. And a diet entirely void of fat was going to help me lose that freshman twenty.

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